Among the field of activities of Raki Tex company those trade of new and used clothing & shoes including the "Vintage" and the recycling goods: We guarantee the best quality of clothing for the operating market in the whole world .

We take care to collect clothes and we also buy their from wholesalers to achieve the needs of our customers.

Our production line includes several steps:

Step of collection:

We pick up bags of clothes in street or those deposited in small containers. We guarantee goods "original" collected from the best areas in Europe.

Sorting step:

We proceed carefully to sort bags collected by its contents such as: Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Accessories, Handbags, Belts, ... etc..

In this sorting step, we take care to select the best qualities of the "Cream", Goods for countries of Africa "GRADE AFRICA" and goods for Pakistan "GRADE PAKISTAN". The rags produced during this step will be packed for India and Pakistan as destination.

Our sorting of goods is through two methods:

Either by mixing clothes, after removing the rags in one package containing all man, woman, child and baby clothes.

Or in packing every item in separate according to their uses. For example: balls shirts, they will be packed in separate such as ball shirt for men, ball shirt for women, ball shirt for kids, balls ... etc..

This method of sorting will be applied on all other items.

Packaging step:

We have two packaging methods:

Either directly in bags of high volume with a capacity of about 150 kg or small volume of 40 kg capacity.

Either in pressed balls to be loaded into containers for export. The ability of balls can be: 45, 50, 55, 60, 80 and 100 kg and the customer is free to choose the weight and color balls according to the needs and law of his country. This method would allow us to earn less volume and more weight of balls.

Step of export:

A container of 20 feet whose capacity is 12 tons or 40 feet with 28 tons of capacity will be ordered by us or directly by customer.

The container of 20 feet can occupied until 230 balls of 55 kg of clothing without shoes or toys. This capacity can be extended if the weight of ball is 45 kg.

For the container of 40 feet, the number of balls will be about 520 balls of 55 kg and 635 balls for balls of 45 kg without shoes or toys.