Company profile

Second Hand Clothing

The company Raki Tex SPRL was founded in 2000 as an import and export company in the Kingdom of Belgium. Its business has continued to develop and has become so specialized in the trade of used garments, used shoes, Antique and accessories. Following its rapid development in the market and thanks to our policy we have succeeded in increasing the number of our customers all over the world. The company Raki Tex was thus able to occupy an important place in the other competition companies in the European Union. Our operating chain has extended to Russia, Georgia, Ukraine in addition to Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. We also have a large operating chain in Africa.

We strive to expand our range of products while maintaining better quality and meeting market demands. We make a lot of effort to assure our importing customers the quantity of goods requested and prepare the orders within a maximum of three weeks.

Who are we?

We take care of collecting clothes and we also buy clothes from wholesalers in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Our production chain includes several stages:
Collection stage:

We pick up bags on the street or clothes already deposited in containers. We thus guarantee an original picked up in the best regions in Europe.

Sorting stage:

We take care of sorting bags picked up according to its content such as: Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Accessories, Handbags, Belts, ... etc.
In this sorting stage, we take care of selecting the best qualities of the Crème, Goods destined to the countries of Africa "GRADE AFRICA", and goods destined to the countries of Pakistan "GRADE PAKISTAN".
The rag issued during this stage will be packed and destined to the country of India and Pakistan.

The sorting takes place by two methods:

Or by mixing the clothes, after removing the cloth, in a single ball containing all the clothes of man, woman, child and baby.
Either by packing each item in separate balls according to their uses. For example: for shirt balls, they will be packed in separate balls such as a man's shirt ball, a woman's shirt ball, a children's shirt ball, and so on. This sorting method will be applied to all other items.

Packing step:

We have two methods of packaging our products: Either directly in large volume bags whose capacity is about 150 kg or small volume of 40 kg of capacity. Either in pressed bales that will be loaded into containers for export. The capacity of the balls can be 45, 50, 55 60, 80 and 100 kg and the customer has the free choice of the weight and the color of balls according to the needs of his country. This method would allow us to gain less bulk and more bullet weights.

Export step:

A 20-ton container with a capacity of 12 tonnes or 40 feet capacity of 28 tonnes will be ordered either by us or directly by the customer. The 20 foot container can hold up to 230 ball of 55 kg of clothes without shoes or toys. This container capacity can extend for 45 kg bales. For the 40-foot container, the number of balls will be about 520 balls for the 55 kg balls and 635 balls for the 45 kg balls without shoes or toys.

Our products
New Clothes

We also have new clothes manufactured in Europe and end of series that are sold by piece or by kilo. We can assure our customers the sale of these garments according to our availability of storage.

Used clothes

Original not sorted out:
We charge small clothes bags picked up from streets or containers in a truck whose ability is around 15 tons.
Own original:
(no rags or quality for Pakistan)
In this kind of original, we handle at carefully remove the cloth and other waste. So we keep the following qualities: the cream, quality "AA" and "A" in the same bag.
Cream of quality Mixe:
The cloth and other wastes are carefully removed and we keep the following quality: custard, quality "AA" and "A" BUT not even bag Of Rags or Rags.
Unless the customer asks to separate summer clothes and winter clothes.
Cream Quality sorted by article, and by season We seperately separate the items of each season in a bag of ± 45 kg of cream quality. The clothes will be carefully sorted and folded.
At the end of this sorting stage, we obtain bags of trousers man, bags of trousers woman, and child ... etc, see the list (quality cream summer).
Qualities "A A":
TRIA e per item and per season.
We apply here the same procedure before but with a quality a little lower and the clothes are a little worn but they contain models and brands with a good quality.
Quality "A", sorted by article and by season:
The procedures applied here are the same as those of the cream but with a lower quality. The clothes are a bit worn but they contain models and brands.
In the winter, there are: Mixe quality winter
The waste and cloth are carefully removed order to get the cream and quality "A" and "B" in the same bag. There is no grade "C" or rags.
Cream Winter Qualities:
We sort winter clothes per item. This time one sorts each winter item in a bag of ± 45 kg of the quality of cream and then the clothes will be folded. We will thus have a bag of winter man pants, a winter woman pants bag, and child ... etc. See list (quality cream Winter).
Qualities "A":
is sorted winter vêtement per item. The procedures applied here are the same as those of the cream but with a quality a little lower and little worn. But with a lower quality There will always be models of good quality brands.