Used Shoes Summer

Original Shoes (Unsorted)

These shoes are unsorted and collected from streets. It contains all the categories like; Men, Women, Children, .. etc..

Shoes sorted:

Cream Quality:

From unsorted shoes, we select  first a high quality and model. In this category, you find shoes for men, women, children and sports brand and with latest model. This category of shoes will be exported to Europe and the Middle East.

Shoes were quality "A" and "B":

This series of shoes will be removed just after removing the cream quality. It includes shoes for men, women, children and sports. They are exported to Eastern Europe and Africa.

Shoes were quality "C":

This category is removed after removing the previous two categories. These shoes widely used and contain shoes for men, women, children, and sports that are destined for certain countries of Africa and also for Pakistan.

Single Shoes:

Shoes that are odd which are intended for recycling purpose. They are packed in large or small bags and contain a small amount of winter shoes but NOT damaged shoes. They are packed in bags of 150 kg, or 25 kg and will be exported to Pakistan in container of 40 feet that can be loaded about 18 tons.


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